Frank & Victor


How long do we take to complete your project?

It depends. Below are examples of our average turnaround times per project.

  • Identity: 7+ weeks
  • Landing Page: 3–6+ weeks
  • Custom Website 6–8+ months
  • SquareSpace Website: 1–2 months
  • Digital Brochure: 6+ weeks
  • Printed Brochure: 3–4+ months
  • Event Identity and Collateral: 4+ months

What’s the team at Frank & Victor like?

  • We’re an experienced and efficiency-obsessed team. As a crew of senior-level professional creatives who have been working together for many years, we know what makes each other tick. We’re inspired by each other and motivated to move quickly, trusting each other’s in-depth knowledge and expertise.
  • We like to listen to you talk. In fact, the more you talk, the better we can understand you. Think of us as your creative, solution-minded therapist.
  • We’re deep thinkers. A part of our process is thinking about your project from every angle. This includes assessing where you are now and where you want to be 5 years from now.
  • We crave inspiration. Outside of work, you’ll find us watching live music, browsing a local bookstore, grabbing a cocktail, attending an art event, or even playing a round of golf. We find that these activities serve to inspire our work.
  • Two of our team are native Austinites. Yes, we have unicorns. The rest of the team has lived here for over 10 & 20 years. Can you guess who the unicorns are?

What’s the skill level and expertise of the team?

As a senior-level team, we’ve lived through design eras. We care just as much about the cutting-edge as we do the print of the past. We are as informed of design history as we are AI technology.

What steps will F&V take to understand my company?

From the moment you hire us, your problem is our problem and one of the biggest problems most clients have is giving themselves an honest assessment. To understand you, we’ll take a hard look at where and who you are today and then take it further—who do you want to be 5 years from now?

To offer you an elevated design that will serve you now and in the future, we take the following steps:

  1. First, your team will complete specific surveys tailored for your project to offer us a birds-eye view of your overall need.
  2. Our team then completes an internal competitive analysis + inspiration research.
  3. Together, we embark on “Discovery.” We analyze your current pain points and surface your likes and dislikes within and outside of your industry.
  4. Finally, we meet in person and on your turf for “On the Ground” research. We’re also happy to accommodate a video call.

What’s your pricing structure and how does billing work?

When it comes to pricing, this is how we work:

  • Work Orders are created for projects billed hourly—clients are only billed for hours used.
  • Statements of Work are used for larger, flat-fee projects. We provide a tiered approach in our initial estimates to help find your budget sweet spot.
  • All estimates for Work Orders and Statements of Work are sent digitally via PandaDoc for a formal signature of approval.

How original is your work?

Our philosophy is simple—we aim to tell the truth.

We believe that because every brain tackles each problem differently and every hand executes it in its own style, every problem has a unique solution.

We find that audiences have a nose for artifice. While it may be ambitious, especially in our industry, our goal is to help our clients relay their truth. No one idea is original, but your truth is authentic and we’re happy to help you discover it.

How involved will I need to be in the process?

The level of your involvement depends on the type of project and the role you’re playing. When it comes to websites, clients are typically more involved than in an identity project. It really comes down to the scope of work and what your team might be handling in terms of content, photography procurement, content population, and more.

We find that when clients offer descriptive, precise, and timely feedback, projects move smoothly and quickly. We also suggest that clients consider keeping their stakeholder team tight. Historically, when the project is “designed by committee,” the project’s timeline can become delayed and out-of-scope items arise.

How often will I receive project updates?

Project updates are sent throughout the week as needed. These include the current status of your project and any outstanding items that you might need to take care of to keep your project on time.

We gladly accommodate weekly or biweekly calls upon request and find them useful for clients on retainer or large SOW projects, such as custom websites.

What happens after the project is completed?

F&V submits a final approval form applicable to your project to digitally sign via Adobe Sign.

Upon your approval, we either submit the final files required for the project or launch your website.

Who owns the copyright of the new designs?

Once a project has been fully completed, and paid for, you own the files and copyrights to the items launched or created during the project.

Can you help me with trademarking design?

We personally do not, but we are happy to recommend resources to help you trademark your design.

Do I have access to the design files after the project is completed?

Yes, as long as your account is up to date with our accounting team. We keep all of your design files within Dropbox’s cloud for future access and reference.

Is there a warranty on your web development work?

Yes, the warranty period for website development lasts 30 days from the launch date.

During the warranty period, you can report any “bugs” or issues that didn’t arise during the formal Quality Assurance (QA) phase of the project and our team will fix them.

What input can I have in the design process?

Throughout the entire design process, we offer opportunities for you to review our work and provide valuable feedback.

Working in “rounds,” you will have the chance to review our work every step of the way. During each review round, your team will have the chance to circulate our work to your team and provide us with feedback. Once that feedback is received, our team will move on to the next round and incorporate your feedback so that you can either re-review or approve the work.

Have you worked with other clients in my industry?

Sometimes we have and sometimes we haven’t. We learn by doing and consider ourselves chameleons who are able to enthusiastically dive deep into your industry during the Discovery phase in an effort to be creative experts in your field.

If there is a chance that we are working with another client in your industry, we like to make sure there aren’t any conflicts of interest prior to engaging with you.

When will you start my project?

This is our process for beginning work on SOW Project and WO Projects:

SOW Projects: Once the SOW is digitally signed and we’ve received your initial deposit, our project manager will create a custom timeline for your project. The start date will consider the other projects in the studio and the end due date for your deliverables.

WO Projects: Once the WO is digitally signed, our project manager will enlist one of our designers to begin working on your project. The start date will consider the other projects in the studio and the end due date for your deliverables.

Can you advise us or provide us with a creative strategy or brand consulting?

Absolutely. And if we don’t have the answer, we’ll find you the resources or connections you need to enact your vision. We surround ourselves with extremely creative and talented people.

Can you help with social media?

We don’t specialize in digital marketing services. However, we have trusted partners who do and we’ll happily make an introduction.

We can, however, help you with social media design, including:

  • Facebook/Instagram Banners or Launch Posts
  • Facebook/Instagram Banner or Post Templates
  • Art Direction for Photoshoots to help establish overall Social Media look & feel

Can you help with SEO?

We can—a little bit. While it’s not our specialty, we can set up basic SEO for your website, as well as install a well-known SEO plugin in the backend to allow you to manage the SEO for each page/image.

If you’re looking for a long-term SEO strategy and maintenance, we have several recommendations from vetted colleagues.

Will my website work well on all devices?

It will and it should. We build responsive websites meaning they should automatically adjust for different screen sizes and viewports on whichever device they’re being viewed.

We also perform an intensive QA for each website we develop to make sure every element you approved doesn’t only appear, but functions as you expected and envisioned at each breakpoint and on every browser and device.

That being said, the technology behind site design is ever-changing and we strive to stay at the forefront of what’s evolving and pivot accordingly.

Am I your only client?

When you’re with us, you’ll feel like you’re the only star in our sky. However, you are not the only star in our sky.

Do you ever fire clients?

Like any relationship, sometimes things don’t work out. While we don’t like ending relationships, we will be clear about our intention to part ways and do everything we can to make a clean break with a client if it comes to that.